Off to an alarming start…….WWII day at Brookhill Leys

Today we have a World War II experience day.


Drama for writing.

Today in Flamingos class we used some drama scenarios to help us think about how a character might feel in a certain situation. We then used thesaurus’ to help us up level our emotion words which we then added to the character profiles around the room.

Can you work out which picture matches which scenario?

Investigating vocabulary

Today in our reading session we were trying to unpick some of the unfamiliar words from this weeks text – The clockwork sparrow.

We used a consensus grid to try and work out the meaning of two words – purposefully and reflected using the context of the word to help us. When using a consensus grid we each get to write down our own thoughts independently then we discuss everyone’s suggestions to decide on a group answer.

Here is some of the vocabulary we have learned since September. See how many words your child knows the meaning of.