Now Here This…… Fly me to the moon

Today Year 6 were invited to join the world famous Hallé Orchestra and play a variety of space themed music to celebrate the first moon landing in 1969.

Here are some photographs of our day…..

First Aid in a day

In Flamingos class we used the last day of term to learn some first aid. We learnt how to deal with lots of medical emergencies including fainting, asthma attacks, chocking and most importantly how to perform CPR.

Welcome back….

In Year 6 we had an exciting musical surprise waiting for us on our return to school.

Mrs Sainsbury has arranged for us to work with a professional musician to record two songs. Yesterday we were shown how modern pop songs are created by using a computer programme called DAW. This allows musicians to add instruments onto their track layer by layer even if the instrument is not in the room. It was fascinating, he also taught us how auto-tuning works.

Here are some photos from our session. Watch this space for more exciting developments….

Drama for writing.

Today in Flamingos class we used some drama scenarios to help us think about how a character might feel in a certain situation. We then used thesaurus’ to help us up level our emotion words which we then added to the character profiles around the room.

Can you work out which picture matches which scenario?